Binghamton University Review

Binghamton University is a public research university in the U.S. state of New York. Founded in 1946 to provide the needs of native veterans coming back from World War II. SUNY, Binghamton is one of the four university centers of the State University of New York system. It is a university situated in Vestal, New York. There were 12,356 undergraduate and 2,952 graduate students in the autumn of 2012.
The campus consists of a 190 acre Nature Preserve that presents 12 trails. An unusual species of the noticed salamander lives on campus; as a way to assist safeguard these creatures, the university has constructed ramps on the curbs of campus to assist support their migration habits. SUNY, Binghamton takes part in NCAA Division I athletics and the school symbolic figure is the Bearcat.
Significant Binghamton alumni include Tony Kornheiser, Camille Paglia, Stephanie Courtney, Marc Lawrence, Billy Baldwin, Ingrid Michaelson, John Liu, Donna Lupardo, etc.