Clarkson University Review

Clarkson University is situated in Potsdam, New York, and created in 1896. The university was named for New York entrepreneur and businessman, Thomas S. Clarkson. Nowadays, the university still values entrepreneurship through programs in the Shipley Center for Innovation, where students have the possibility to commercialize their personal concepts.
The Reh Center for Entrepreneurship, part of the School of Business at Clarkson, permits students to operate with regional business owners. At Clarkson, students are provided bachelor’s of science, bachelor’s of Professional Studies, MBA, master of Engineering, and DPT degrees. Clarkson has two specific campuses, the “downtown” campus and the “hill” campus. On campus, there are a lot more than 100 clubs, over 200 intramural teams and 16 competitive design teams. Clarkson gives education for undergraduates, graduate students and early college students through the School of Business, School of Arts & Sciences, Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, and the Clarkson School.
At this time, there are 37,534 living Clarkson University alumni such as Kaitlin Monte, Barney Adams, Bob Chiarelli, Craig Conroy, Gregory C. Farrington, Paul Horn, Roger Johnson, Todd Marchant, Katherina Reiche, Martin Roesch, Michael Sarafin, Paul Tonko, M. Emmet Walsh, Shawn Weller, Colin Patterson, Steven Zalewski, James F. Wood, and others.