CUNY, Brooklyn College Review

CUNY, Brooklyn College is a public institution that was created in 1930. Situated in Brooklyn, New York, the college explains New York City as a living classroom. The campus includes 13 architectural structures on a 35-acre campus. The campus abides by its motto “Nil sine magno labore,” which means, “Nothing without great effort.” Brooklyn College provides 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that focus in social and natural sciences, creative arts, mathematics, humanities, business and education.
Diversity as an essential value on campus, and Brooklyn college students represent 150 different countries and speak 105 different languages. Brooklyn College is the one CUNY institution with three Rhodes Scholars, all since 1991. From 2011-12, Brooklyn College obtained $12.9 million in honours to support investigation, exercising, program progress and institutional development. There are more than 600 scholarships, awards and prizes are available every year in this college.
Student life at Brooklyn College is diverse, active and funny. Students are taken part in more than 100 student clubs and organizations which are connected with cultural, ethnic, community, media, arts, social action, religious and other special interests.