Hartwick College Review

Hartwick College is a private, four-year liberal arts and sciences college. Situated in Oneonta, New York, the college was founded in 1927. A lot of the architectural structures on campus are titled after the initial investors in IBM who were early followers of the college.
The 2013-2014 campus concept is “Exploration.” Every year Hartwick College selects a campus topic (previous topics consist of “Tools for Life” and “Sustainable Living”) and provides special courses, bringing in specialists and organizing exclusive activities around the theme. 60 percent of Hartwick students study abroad on semester, year, and month-long programs. Every student is additional motivated to discover his or her educational hobbies and interests by way of a necessary senior thesis. Hartwick offers the Three Year Degree Program, which enables students to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in three years, decreasing the cost of a Hartwick college learning by 25%.
Alumni of the college include various famous persons such as Isaac Newton Arnold, George Bruno, Scott Adams, Mike Burns, Charles D. Cook, Tyler Hemming, Harold E. Hyde, John W. Johnstone, Matt Lawrence, Clarence MacGregor, Nancy Morris, Craig Potter, Rory Read, James L. Seward, Craig Slaff and many others.