Hobart and William Smith Colleges Review

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are private liberal arts colleges. Hobart and William Smith Colleges are situated on 170 acres in Geneva, New York, United States. The campus is significant for the style of Jacobean architecture showed by the majority of its structures, famously Coxe Hall, which houses the President’s Office and other administrative establishments.
Hobart College is a men’s college created in 1822. William Smith College is a women’s college created in 1908. The colleges share an administration, campus and faculty; nevertheless, every college has its personal leader and works its individual student government and athletic department. One custom at the colleges is Fall Nationals.
The colleges take place in NCAA Division III athletics, with the exclusion of men’s lacrosse which takes place in NCAA Division I, and have two symbolic figures, Hobart’s Bart the Statesman and William Smith’s Heron. At this time, it has around 2,200 undergraduates and the typical class size is seventeen students.