Queens College Review

Queens College is one of the mature colleges of the City University of New York. CUNY, Queens College was started in 1937 and since its primary class managed to graduate in 1941, it has presented over 120,000 diplomas. The campus includes 77 acres. The campus is situated in the heart of the borough.
The College is one of several schools in the CUNY system to provide on campus residence to its students. Queens college’s 19 college teams contend in Division II athletics, and the college symbolic figure is “Sir Winsalot,” an armored knight.
At Queens College, some part of the undergraduate class is full-time students although almost all graduate students are part-time students. Queens College has over 18,000 students.
At this time, about 85% of Queens College alumni stay in New York City and the nearby metropolitan area. There are many famous alumni. Namely, Jerry Seinfield, Joy Behar, Jon Favreau, Adrien Brody, Gary Ackerman, Paul Simon, Robert Moog, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Edwin Moise and others.