Saint Francis College Review

Saint Francis College is a private, coeducational college for its some 2,700 undergraduate students positioned in historical Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA. The college provides 72 major and minors, with the most well-known such as Communication Arts and Management.
Saint Francis College was founded in 1859 by Franciscan friars. It was first private school in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. St. Francis College occupies half of a city block. It uses five interconnected architectural structures such as The Generoso Pope Athletic Complex, The Frank and Mary Macchiarola Academic Center, The Administration Building, The Student Services Building, and The Science and Technology Building.
Significant alumni include Peter T. King, Thomas J. Pickard, Richard Sheirer, Michael A. MacIntyre, Louis G. Pastina, William G. Parrett, John Halama, James Luisi, Dick Bavetta and others.
Students take part in 19 NCAA Division I athletic teams, which includes Men’s and Women’s basketball.