Saint Lawrence University Review

Saint Lawrence University was founded in 1856. This university is the most well-known coeducational institution of higher education in New York State. The university is situated in the village of Canton in Saint Lawrence County, New York. The university provides over 36 majors and 36 minors for its students. St. Lawrence University has a powerful commitment to the values of cross-cultural educational possibilities.
St. Lawrence hosts over 100 student activities groups. One of the features of the SLU educational programs is the Adirondack Semester, where students will study as they repel, climb, walk and discover the Adirondack region. It is home to the 2nd earliest outing club in the nation. Founded in 1937, SLU’s Outing Club is one of the biggest in the country. The club regularly sponsors journeys for skiing, hiking, rafting and other activities.
The St. Lawrence Alma Mater is “Alma Mater.” The words and music were written by J.Kimball Gannon. The Saint Lawrence Saints take part in NCAA Division III athletics.