Syracuse University Review

Syracuse University is a private research university situated in Syracuse, New York. It was founded in 1870. Presently, it has over 14,600 undergraduate students.
Among the persons who have went to or graduated from Syracuse University there are many famous people such as Stephen Crane, John D. MacDonald, Joyce Carol Oates, Shirley Jackson, and Alice Sebold, William Safire, Sir Moses I. Finley, Sir John Stanley, Arthur Rock, Robert Jarvik, Joe Biden, Robert Menschel, Eileen Collins, Lou Reed, etc. Significant SU alumni in the performing arts include Taye Diggs, Dick Clark, Peter Falk, Aaron Sorkin, Frank Langella, Rob Edwards, Vanessa L. Williams and Jerry Stiller. Well known athletes include Donovan McNabb, Ernie Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Freeney and many others.
On campus, the number “44” is considered happy because of the athletes who have used it-including three All-Americans and two athletes who broke scoring records. To celebrate this number, the university had its zipcode transformed to 12344 and its location codes transformed to 442 and 443.
Syracuse University takes part in Division I-A athletics. The school symbolic figure is Otto the Orange. Syracuse University athletic teams take part in 20 intercollegiate sports. The present chancellor of the university is Nancy Cantor.