Vassar College Short Review

Vassar College was formerly created as a women’s college in 1861 by a businessman named Matthew Vassar. The college honors his memory with Founder’s Day, a Saturday celebration on the weekend nearest to Vassar’s birthday (April 29, 1792). Vassar was the second of the Seven Sisters colleges, higher educational institutions then totally for females, and historically sister institutions to the Ivy League.
After declining the possibility to combine with Yale, Vassar started to be a coeducational institution in 1969. Nevertheless, instantly following World War II, Vassar approved a quite small quantity of male students on the G.I. Bill.
Contemporary student body of 2,386 is nearly 45% men. Significant alumni contain Gladys Hobby ’31, who assisted produce the first set of penicillin that was examined on humans, Caterina Fake ‘91, cofounder of Flickr and filmmaker Noah Baumbach ’91. Every year almost 500 college students take part in field work opportunities for educational credit. The majority of students taking part in such work for regional companies and organizations in Albany or New York City, positioned just 75 miles away.
Vassar College is a 1,000-acre campus in the Hudson Valley region. Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve are on the southern side of campus. Previously, the farm presented food for the college dining hall. Today, 415 acres of land comprise an environmental preserve utilized for investigation, and the other fifty percent is a member-supported natural and organic farm. The school’s 22 college teams perform in NCAA Division III athletics.