Wagner College Review

Wagner College is a private, co-educational liberal arts college. It was established in 1883 as the Lutheran Proseminary of Rochester, New York. After John G. Wagner given the educational institution $12,000 to buy an innovative campus, the board of trustees renamed the school Wagner College, honoring the benefactor’s son, who had died prior to recognizing his dream of starting to be a minister.
Nowadays Wagner’s scenic 105-acre campus, Grymes Hill in Staten Island. Students utilize the school’s special curriculum identified as The Wagner Plan.
Wagner provides various undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences. The most popular undergraduate majors among students are biological sciences, sociology, psychology, business, and education.
Wagner College provides athletic scholarships and competes at the NCAA Division I level. The football and men’s basketball teams are Wagner’s most well-known and exclusive athletic programs.
Well known alumni include Tiffany Andrade, Andrew Bailey, Peter L. Berger, Kathy Brier, Molly Burnett, Christina DeCicco, Phil Theis, Samantha Hammel, Andrew Keating, Rich Kotite, Alicia Luciano, Donna Lupardo, Dan Mullen, Amy Goropoulos, Vinnie Potestivo, Steven LJ Russo, Danny Seigle, Julian Stanford, Robert Straniere, Paul Zindel, and many others.